Audioqueueenqueuebuffer Error Codes


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Win32 Error 87 The Parameter Is Incorrect Parse Error Syntax Error Unexpected T_if In Joomla RXML parse error: Attribute ‘src’ cannot be empty. src"> | <trimlines> | <cache enable-protocol-cache="yes"> RXML parse error: Error in expr attribute: syntax error, unexpected ‘*’ | <set expr="floor( * 540)" variable="var.adjustedW">. Why do you get a Parse error with version 1.5.16. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC,

AudioFileStream, CFReadStream and AudioQueueEnq. | Official. – However, AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer returns error 1718449215. you buffer them locally in your code. AudioFileStream, CFReadStream and AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer

2012年4月17日. ffmpegPlayAudio(3576,0xac2c0a28) malloc: *** error for object 0x79c6a04: incorrect checksum for freed object – object was probably modified.

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2017年1月18日. XThrowIfError( AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer( inAQ, inBuffer, 0, NULL ). [Dialog simpleToast:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"Error: %@ (%@)n",

My calls to AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer are failing, with OSStatus -66686. I've never seen this error code before, and am able to find no information on it anywhere.

2016年12月15日. *)player error:(NSError * __nullable)error { } /** 播放过程被打断*/. 数据后用 AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer 方法把buffer 插入AudioQueue 中. 4.

I am using Audio Queue services in my application which plays audio streamed over network. sometimes I get an error when I make a call to AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer and.

luciuskwok / AudioQueueExample. Code. Issues 0. Pull requests 0. Projects 0. Insights. NSLog (@" AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer() error %d ",

2017年7月18日. file format specific error codes kAudioFileInvalidChunkError = 'chk?', extern OSStatus AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer( AudioQueueRef inAQ,

developer hint: streaming audio with AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer and iPhone OS 3.1.2 Public Game Developers Forum

Bear實驗室: iOS用AudioToolbox播放網路收音機(使用FFmpeg) [Part. – 2013年9月17日. NSLog(@"*** Error *** PlayAudio – play:Path: could not open audio file. Path given was:. 接下來Bear會以架構圖概念來解釋整段Code的運作 有需要看原始碼 部分的. err = AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer(mQueue, bufferRef, 0,

2016年2月23日. if (![self _checkAudioQueueSuccess:AudioQueueEnqueueBuffer(_. parameters:nil error:error];; __block AFStreamingMultipartFormData.

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