Vbscript Mapnetworkdrive Error Codes


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Does anyone have a list of the potential error codes that the WScript.Network.MapNetworkDrive method can return? I am trying to enhance our login scripts and wa

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Troubleshooting error code 800704B3 in MapNetworkDrive WSH. 800704B3 occurs when you try to map a network drive with a VBScript. Codes beginning 08004.

Manage Network Drives with WSH. a pair of items for each mapped network drive:. function in a script, you call it using code such.

I have a script that I put together for my users a few years ago for them to log onto to the company drive shares after they had logged into the VPN. The script has.

Troubleshooting Code 800704B3 – No network provider Introduction to Error Code 800704B3. This error code, 800704B3 occurs when you try.

Formatting Code Adding Comments to a Script. Comments included on the same line as a VBScript statement (end-of-the-line comments) are valid but can be difficult to read. On Error Resume Next Set WshNetwork = WScript. MapNetworkDrive "Z:", "\RemoteServerPublic" '* Check to make sure the operation.

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Mar 12, 2015. RemoveNetworkDrive strLocalDrive, True On Error goto 0 ' Map the drive objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive strLocalDrive, strUNCPath, _.

Adds a shared network drive to your computer system. Optional. String value indicating the user name. You must supply this argument if you are mapping a network drive.

Try/catch/finally blocks in PowerShell for better error handling – All you see is red text! Was there code skipped underneath the spot where the error occurred? If so, it was probably a terminating error. If PowerShell displayed an.

FileSystemObject – VBScript – SS64.com – FileSystemObject. Work with Drives, Folders and Files. Object heirarchy: FileSystemObject FileSystemObject.Drives FileSystemObject.Drives.item FileSystemObject.

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This is my first thread, please bare with me. Ok, I am running Vista Ultimate x86 on two PC's. D-link WBR-2310 router on one computer and.

I’m going to show you here how to create a script with the VBScript scripting language that will allow you to quickly and easily map drive letters to local nested folders from within. you’ve used Windows’ Map Network Drive command.

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We have moved our scripts to.vbs as we were running.bat log ons, so now when the. This is what is running now. and we get the error this drive is already in use. MapNetworkDrive "s:","\hadesbusiness". Code: Set objNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network") Set colDrives = objNetwork.

Microsoft VBScript to map a network drive. VBScript Error Correcting Code when using MapNetworkDrive

I have a question about how to run a net use command in a vbscript. Code: Option Explicit on error resume next dim fso, logFile set fso.

Mapping drives with VB script. ' Gaithersburg.vbs ' VBScript to map network drives for. The Sub can trap the error if the drive is already mapped,

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In the same folder create a logon.vbs {codecitation. on error resume next 'Map the drive objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "M:", strDirectory, True 'objNetwork. Windows 7 login scripts and missing network drives | PC LOAD.

With the help of APKTool, Quinny899 was able to find the code where this error.

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Troubleshooting error code 80020005 WSH / VBScript Type mismatch

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