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It has been established to provide financial security to the people of the country through innovative banking solutions and to make a significant contribution to the economic growth of the country.

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Spirent is the leading global provider of automated testing and assurance solutions for networks, security and positioning.

Our majority stockholder may have significant influence over the outcome of matters submitted to our stockholders for approval, which may prevent us from engaging in certain transactions.

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Learn how Spirent helped other businesses validate their networks.

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Designs incorporated in the 3rd-generation emergency stop switches are described. Basic EPS is measured as net income divided by the weighted average common shares outstanding for the period.

Panchabati Branch by unveiling the inaugural stone and cutting the cake and ribbon in presence of customers, members of the Board of Directors, renowned businesspersons and local guests at event premise.

Gradual wear out failures are associated with aging effects and dictated by the manufacturing process and workmanship.

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To provide a common framework, UAS in this paper are categorized based on their physical design and construction characteristics which affect how they transfer and retain energy during a collision.

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Based on KE and energy density analyses, it seems likely that smaller vehicles can penetrate both tempered and glazed glass, but not metal panels.

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Trust Spirent to simplify your technology lifecycle with our testing assurance and automation solutions Accelerate development in the lab ensure new products.

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