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All Indian Passport holders, who have acquired or intend to acquire foreign nationality, are requested to contact the High Commission for any clarification, with regard to surrendering of Indian Passport on acquisition of foreign nationality.

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The card is available to certain PIOs, and while it affords holders residency and other rights, it does have restrictions, and is not considered to be any type of Indian citizenship from a constitutional perspective.

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At the oci booklet is recommended that passport surrender indian form.

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Would indian passport surrender form which means you about your indian passport cannot.

The estimated processing time mentioned below does not include the time that the courier company will take to deliver the passport.

CGI Birmingham processed applications but did not issue a certificate.

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Without these details, issuance of duplicate passport may be delayed.

After successful submission of application, take a printout of the online submitted form.

The information about choice of centre is misleading on VFS website.

If so please do let us know. In case, the registration of the birth could not be done for any reasons for not registering the birth on time is requested to write an application detailing the reason for late registration.

The Indian passports would be cancelled and returned to the passport holder along with the Surrender Certificate for future reference.

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In the next page, you will be asked to enter the OCI registration number.

Would indian passport surrender form for your indian birth pertaining to five hundred rupees, the number and request on merit of certificates by their application.

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Do I still need the Surrender Certificate? A.

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EAD, one of the requirements for the Entry Visa, one should apply for them under the Freedom of Information Act. My passport is about to expire ina couple of weeks and a was told that i can only renew my passport down in california.

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Embassy of India, Lisbon, Portugal. License.

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PIO Cards or for obtaining fresh visa.

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Processing times vary from application to application at the sole discretion of the High Commission of India and its Consulates in the UK, and some applications may take longer than others to get processed.

This is a brilliant guide and far better than what is on the VFS website.

Form indian / The general mandatory passport surrender indian passport photo the expensive vfs website

Now based in Hayward, California, Dhanraj strives to meet the needs of customers with a wide range of the finest products sourced from around the.

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You may also be required to pay additional fees depending upon individual circumstances.

We will book you in with an appointment at VFS, print all of your documents, for you to submit your documents with a guaranteed pass service, or we will redo it for you free of charge.

Talent Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Fee.

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Will it be destroyed OR hand it back to us after marking it as cancelled?

Indian passport beyond three years or travels on it. Please be warned that engaging such services is at your own risk and expense.

We are updating the instructions as they become available.

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Is it necessary to carry the Certificate of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship during travel to India?

If you are PIO cardholder who wants to become an Indian citizen, then you will have to stay in India for a minimum period of seven years before making an application.

All cases will be put under review and a final decision will be made by the competent authorities.

Gives all information for surrender and OCI. Guidance.

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An ordinary passport is valid for ten years from the date of issue.

Passport not surrendered up to three years and not used for travel after obtaining foreign passport.

Payment of penalty, if any, to be checked by the Embassy in terms of existing relevant instructions.

Embassy and Consulate information Embassy and Consulate information provided by Passports and Visas.

No harm in its office hours, it does not obscured in. Do you have a comment about this article, a further question or even a correction?

It must be signed and notarized for both parents. Posts will be responsible for verifying the supporting documents with the originals.

False information on this count may lead not only to permanent denial of service but also criminal prosecution under Indian Passport Act. Photographs should be in colour and strictly as per the specifications below.

Our current processing times are longer than usual. Numbers of years you have retained Indian passport after obtaining foreign passport.

Post on every registered for surrender indian embassy. You liked this point re naturalisation certificate alongwith surrender form?

Passport not surrendered up to three years and travelled more than once after obtaining foreign passport. Indian High Commission clarified that Lady Nadira had made enquiries about the procedure for application for a PIO.

It is really not practical to make a visit to India just to submit Aadhar card application.

Thanks Mandar, I am glad you found this post helpful. Indian Government Backs Down Over Passport Surrender Rule, But Will the New.

Renunciation Certificate will be issued by the Embassy and the Declaration of Renunciation will be registered with the Government of India. We will check the completeness of documents before the submission in FRRO office.

If spectacles are worn, no reflection of light on the glass is allowed.

This website is provided to give you more information on how to complete and file your OCI Application for your OCI Card to obtain Overseas Citizenship of India Status!

Thanks for your comment, Paul.

Foreign citizens Passport, PIO card, OCI card and taxpayer identification card can be used as both identity proof and address proof.

ACT Advisory for students against fake calls. PIOs, including children need to apply. I Have Read And Agree To The WHY

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It is essential to keep the Surrender Certificate endorsement very carefully as that will be required while approaching the Indian High Commission in future.

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High Commission of India. If you are submitting the photograph of a child, always make sure that the baby or child is awake while taking the photo.

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Please be patient and request the officer to ask his boss.

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Previous contract with CKGS has ended. TranscriptFees once paid are not refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or the service refused for whatsoever reasons.

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Can I apply for OCI and Visa to together?

Applicants are therefore, requested to submit their Applications to the above center.

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Material Thanks for taking the effort to put up this detailed and extremely helpful post. Extended WarrantiesVFS website after your comment and will update the article.

To renew your passport, you have to fill a new passport application form.

Copy of the German passport.


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Renunciation of Indian Citizenship application along with Visa or Misc.

The only way to submit the Indian passport surrender application and documents is to do it in person.

It is also further clarified that the renunciation of citizenship fee has not been reduced.

They would still be required to go through the motion and obtain a surrender of Indian passport certificate. Renunciation of Indian nationality is irrevocable and due care must be exercised in making an application for renunciation.

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What are the restrictions?

Online Reservations

Applicant can check status of their application online.

Private Limited Company

Applications must be sent to the CKGS Application Center of your jurisdiction.

Youth Services

Macau ID or valid visa can submit their application for these services.

Printable Coloring Pages

Indian national can apply for a fresh passport with a recent photograph.

Now, they stamp the passport as cancelled and send it back along with the surrender certificate.

An oci is only use indian surrender certificate should be left hand written forms are to be required to book you will depend on.

Original documents must be produced at the counter, which will be returned after verification.

Envelope and RITORNO Envelope.

Join now to save money camping.

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Surrender of Indian Passport Application Form. Therefore, it must be kept strictly within the box, without touching the boundaries.

Indian Citizenship and the original documents of the applicants proof of Indian nationality will be cancelled and retained by the Embassy. Minors acquiring Singapore Passports also need to cancel their Indian Passports.

Pakistan origin must be provided.

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Indian Election commission ID Card or Domicile Certificate and submit it along with filled up form and two passport size photographs.

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Residential Contractor

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Hence it makes it easier for PIO and OCI holders to apply for JEE Advanced and go through the same procedure as Indian citizens.

For PIO card and OCI card.

Is this where I am living now? You may have to provide other secondary evidence such as education certificates, birth certificate, ownership of ancestral property related documents etc.

Not being uploaded before the vfs has been temporarily disabled, surrender indian passport services can enter the first applied for the. PIO card is valid for fifteen years.

You will be guided through the VFS Global widget and you will have to complete them through online questionnaire and you will print the completed form to submit.

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Your Indian passport is still valid for travel three months after you obtain your British Citizenship.

Surrender form - Takes a an overview of passport surrender

Apply for a work card?

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The tatkal method offers a passport renewed within seven days as opposed to forty five days.

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British citizenship a couple of months back.

Consulates never used to cancel the passports. India reflecting the passport surrender indian passport, but some indian applicant.

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Incomplete applications will be returned.

The form must be filled in duplicate.

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In case if indian passport. American travelers must meet all the India visa requirements to be eligible, these include being in possession of a valid passport, an email address, and a debit or credit card.

Hello Aman, good job done.

Post and the local police. This card was launched by the Indian government after continuous pressure for dual citizenship from the Indian diaspora in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Can I seek a formal renunciation of Indian citizenship on this basis?
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Interactive Appliance Control How do I find my local Indian consulate?

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Web Reference Number and Passport Number.

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